#5 by Cabell Heyward

Get Well Soon, SC
connecting voices & art to the public & the media in order to improve the conversation and increase patient-centeredness now through the new governor's election

The Acquiescent Arrow: C. Steve Johnson on art & healing.
in hipporeads.com

Simplicity, long term care, and a glass of wine
Cynthia Zeiss paints on silk.

The judicious quilter of Beaufort
While the judge was in treatment, she favored one called a coin quilt, with a botanical print behind rainbow columns.

Wear Your Wounds
art and punches by Josh Drews inspired by the poetry of Ray McManus

Self-taught Gullah artist & registered nurse Renee Smith
"I was born at home. My aunt was the midwife. Nursing, and our history of the midwife and caring, is part of who I am. It's a way of being."

Outside my outdoor shower there is a carnival
Lots of bodies get themselves to Ocean Drive beach, and by carnival I mean roller coasters and skee ball, and I mean carne like the flesh of our bodies.

Beaufort artist Robyn Black on noticing the world around you
She had "not ever before lost the ability to make art,” and missed out on some good carving and printmaking time.

Coosaw Island couple bring relief to kids in trauma with art-mobile
"Speed the care."

Artists find clarity, authenticity for their work in practice of yoga
"We open up space in the system for creativity."

Threshold Singers show how important arts are at all stages of life
"You don't have to have a great voice," Pat Keown explained. "We go to the bedside and offer the comfort and compassion that music brings." 

The Contemporary Carolina Collection at MUSC's Ashley River Tower
"Art is medicine for the mind and body."

Get Well Soon, SC connects essays & art
to the public & the media in order to improve the
conversation now through the new governor's election.

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