A Literary-Visual Art Show with Issues
October 17th - November 5th at ArtWorks in Beaufort Town Center, on Boundary Street in Beaufort, SC (map)

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The show deliberately coincides with a pivotal and sparkling presidential election season, and is a continuation of a long but unacknowledged South Carolina tradition of progressive art:
Dave Drake’s illegally poetry-inscribed pottery in the 1840s;
Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson documenting spirituals in the 1860s;
Lorenzo Dow Turner audio-recording the Gullah dialect in the 1930s;
Sam Doyle’s outspokeness & ingenuity, starting in the 1960s;
Arianna King Comer’s Remembrances of the Civil Rights Era show, in the 1990s;
Julie Milazzo’s Ooo Ahh Oh show that toured with the Vagina Monologues in 2004.

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Thirty artists and writers were invited to create work around their own issues (political or cultural, personal or socio-economic, serious or good humored, For or Against) and they have produced a conversation-provoking, multi-media bounty.

Issues include violent and provocative media aimed at children, immigration, coastal ecology, lipstick, pigs, privacy, cruelty, and much more.

other 2008 political art happenings: move on's Manifest Hope, and Hub Bub in Spartanburg SC.

This project is partially funded through a grant from the Arts Council of Beaufort County with funds from the City of Beaufort and the South Carolina Arts Commission through the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding is from the John & Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina.

Kim Keats ~ Empty Nest • Melba Cooper ~ Americans Too; SOS: Lights Out!  • Martine and Quitman Marshall ~ Reasons to Stay Inside  • Michele Roldan-Shaw ~commercialization of Inca ruins • Louise Coleman ~ In the Red • Penny Russell ~ Mutant Testimony; "Put up the mask!" • Josefina Blanc & Steve Johnson ~ home births • Scott Gordon ~ Sandlapper Sell Out • Ginger Anderson ~ grieve • Rhonda Jordan ~ Play, Play, Gone the Wrong Way • Bonnie Smith ~ Threatened • Pat Keown ~ Great Feminine Spirit  • Teresa Bruce & Gary Geboy ~ Niche de la Frontera  • Deanna Bowdish ~ Wrapped in the Flag • Michelle Mueller ~ The Murder Weapon • Greg Smith ~ Keeping the May River Wild • Benton Lutz ~ Read My Lipstick • Rebecca Davenport ~ Calmpost • Lisa Annelouise Rentz ~ water quality; privacy & choice • Jonathon Goebel~ satire • Lee Pirozzi ~ GovernMENTAL oddities • Kelly Davidson • Laura von Harten~ explosion • Andrew Roeder ~ consequences of over-population • Michelle Maynard & Hannah Tvedten ~ creativity • Jenny & JW Rone ~ kissing pigs • Cabell Heyward ~ ionic • Jada Gray ~ the price of immortality • Chelsea Gray ~ addicted • Hank Herring ~ we're still peeping from behind the blue door