The Lowcountry Arts Integration Project was a four year project (plus 4 pilot years) that brought learning through the arts to teachers and students at three public schools in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The project ended in June 2011 and was supported by a US Department of Education Arts Education Model Development & Dissemination Grant.

Download How Do You Know: a guide to arts integration by artists for educators, parents, administrators and the community.

It's the overview of what we did, what the obstacles were, what we accomplished, & what we recommend~
- How-To from teaching artists
- Reflection from students and teachers
- Tips for teaching artists
- Insight & tools for parents
- Reflection & action from Gullah Cultural Community Scholars
- Resources for the betterment and advocacy of learning through the arts. 

Try out a lesson plan— please email a brief note when you download— who and where are you?
Most of the lesson plans were developed on-the-spot, tailor-made to meet the teachers’ standards-based needs— in other words, students, teachers and artists frequently developed and performed entirely new lessons under the observation of principals and evaluators. This means that LAIP work is original, innovative, and ready to adapt.

Listen to 12 minutes of audio as student reflect on their science lesson & creative process.

Marsh Grass Bracelets: Measuring an Unbroken Circle • Kim Keats

Unmasking the Art of Geometry • Kim Keats.

Carolina Shag: Social Dance & SC History • Caroline E. Hoadley

Dance the Story: Creating Non-Verbal Storytelling and interpretive dance• Caroline E. Hoadley
What My Adinkra Symbol Means to Me • Hank D. Herring

Science +Art + Poetry= understanding & expression, interact • Melba Cooper

Perceptual Control Theory & Arts Integration: Bump it up! Teaching with an attitude, an overview and activities • Melba Cooper

The Art of Illustration: the Columbian Exchange and Creative Stories of Beaufortonians  • Melba Cooper

Journals & Arts Integration Strategies~ jumpstarts, totems, quick draws, scientific observation, and murals to bring it all home. • Melba Cooper

Circle Unbroken: Gullah Baskets Metaphor and Tradition • Melba Cooper.

What’s “Write” About Art? • Melba Cooper

Real Research, Real History: Writing creatively about the Columbian Exchange • Lisa Annelouise Rentz

Drumming the Trails, Writing the Drums as test preparation • Lisa Annelouise Rentz

Writing to Baroque Music • Lisa Annelouise Rentz

My Contribution to the Circle Unbroken: group story-writing • Lisa Annelouise Rentz

Ecosystems are Beautiful • Lisa Annelouise Rentz
audio of student reflections & work.
Thank you. Please email a brief note as you download— who and where are you?

detailed table of contents
to the 43-pages of
How Do You Know
a guide to arts integration by artists:

p5: goals of grant, what we did, the teacher-artist process.

p7: reflection from a science teacher on her collaboration with a visual artist.

p8-10: the obstacles, and what we accomplished.

p11-12: What we recommend.

p13-14: Arts Integration & the Process of Transformation by artist Melba Cooper

p15: We just need to believe it, by Cindy McKain, music teacher.

p16- 22: Cultural Community Scholars & the book Circle Unbroken in the classroom.

p23-27: Why folklore, folk artists, and community scholars? by Paddy Bowman

p.28-30: Teaching Artists~ what they are, and what they have that helps.

p31-32: Sustainability through advocacy by teaching artist Lisa Annelouise Rentz

p33-35: The effects of sustaining arts integration by dance teaching artist Caroline Hoadley.

p36: what 3rd graders at St. Helena Elementary School had to say about their Shag & Social Dance lessons.

p38: A Visual Arts message for parents.

p39-40: a How-to guide for kids and parents writing creatively at home.

p41-43: recommended reading and viewing~ meet Mrs. Fuddle!


teaching artist Kim Keats
teaching artist Caroline Hoadley
teaching artist Melba Cooper
teaching artist Lisa Annelouise Rentz
teaching artist Hank D. Herring

Gullah community scholar Louise Miller Cohen.
Gullah community scholar Ervena Faulkner
Gullah community scholar Anita Singleton Prather
folklife scholar Paddy Bowman

ARTworks in Beaufort (and their fab afterschool program)
Beaufort County School District

Kennedy Center Partners in Education & ArtsEdge
Teaching Artist Journal

Mrs. Fuddle's 2nd Grade Class a picture book about how one teacher discovered AI.
Carolina Shag~ the Spirit of Southern Social Dance
Pencils, Words, & Kids ~ the app for How & Why to Write, for kids and their mentors, including scenes from the LAIP.